I know that being a business owner can be challenging.  That's why only 5% of people who start a business actually continue and succeed, but it's not for everyone!

It requires a true desire that many don't have, but the fact you are here reading this tells me already that you are someone who does have the desire needed to succeed.

What is often lacking is the perfect combination of a great mindset, knowledge of how to start and/or grow and market a business AND a great strategy.

Often in our industry we are taught the actual qualification, but the bit about how to now turn that into a successful, fulfilling, profitable and impactful business get's left out!

Yeah, that's the bit that I've never quite got, but that's where I come in!

Taking that qualification and all the unique life experience, knowledge and awesomeness that makes you, YOU and combining it all into supporting you to create a health, wellness or fitness business you are proud of and that can support all your life goals too!

You can choose to drift along as you are, winging it, or you can choose to take control of what the future is going to look like for you and make cool things happen!


And through my work as a business mentor in the health, wellness and fitness industry, I bring to the table my own 22 year career in this industry.  Allowing you to tap into my knowledge, my experience, my wins and of course to learn from my mistakes too!

For many it's normal to have someone to coach you in sports, or to gain a qualification.  Well in the business world it's normal to have a business coach too! 

No one expects you to be born with the knowledge of how to run a business! So if you feel you are currently winging running your business and you would like to actually feel more like you are WINNING at it (yeah I know that was a bit cheesy!!) then please do get in touch and let's have a chat about how I might be able to support you.

Or maybe just check out my WORK WITH ME page!

Work With Me

I’ve thought long and hard about what to call myself but to be honest I am not really sure because I wear a few hats!

I’m like your friendly business mentor, life coach, success and impact strategist, goal setting and implementation coach and accountability partner all rolled into one!

Some coaches help you get your business rocking and some help you get your life rocking and the fact is I am passionate about you achieving both, because one without the other is a bit of a half life!

So you get a two for one with me! Winner!

My clients are action takers. They know that tomorrow is not guaranteed and that they want to be living their best life right now, not at some point in the future.

They have goals they are determined to hit and a full life they are wanting to live and I help them achieve just that!

Often when people contact me they are simply just feeling stuck!

They can see where they want to be both in their business and their life, but can’t quite work out how to get there!

There are several ways to work with me, from self directed programs through to bespoke 1-1 support.

Through my work I help my clients get clear on their goals and their vision and together we map out their plan of action.

I support them in actioning their plan, keeping them accountable and ensuring they stay on track, whilst tweaking any strategy blocks that come up, or ironing out any mindset monkeys that get in the way.

This work literally fills my soul.

Click here and come and join The Chrysalis Cafe, my FREE business community of health, wellness and fitness business owners who are working towards achieving their goals and aspirations in their life and their business. too!

Did you know I also have a shop?

I have always loved positive slogans and quotes, they really inspire me. I also love the humble simple t-shirt and a simple tote bag! So I decided to combine them both to create simple design positive slogan t-shirts so that you can wear your positive slogan AND spread it out into the world too creating a fabulous ripple effect! 

What's also really cool is that they are made from organic cotton, where the journey from the field to your wardrobe is ethical, sustainable and planet friendly! It's called Phenix Tees and Totes!

Visit Phenix Tees and Totes

A few kind words...



Working with Nikki has made me thinks outside the box when it comes to running my business. Exploring new ways to create income and lots of amazing training. She has a really easy way with her and even when she's trying to give you a kick up the bum she does it so nicely! Being in her group has connected me with so many amazing women who have become great friends.



Working with Nikki Collinson-Phenix is a unique breath of fresh air.

With a huge wealth of knowledge, Nikki has a distinctive ability to really dissolve issues and allow bright sparkly light on your business. Nikki totally understands several areas that we are never taught.  Bringing together a perfect business plan. Thank you!



I have been put of Nikki's VIP Club for 2years now. Through her own experiences, this has made Nikki so knowledgeable and she is always willing to pass that knowledge on. I've learnt so much from being part of this amazing sisterhood.

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