Hey! Welcome to my website! You are likely here for 2 reasons! One, you just wanted to be nosy (totally cool by the way, so nose away!) or two, you are a business owner in the health, wellness or fitness space that is looking for some kind of support to either grow or scale your business AND your life so that the two fuse together in a way that makes your every day, potentially pretty bloody awesome!

The fact that you are here, right now, reading these words shows me you are an action taker so at the first step, you are my kind of person! So just on this home page we are off to a fabulous start and we haven’t even started yet!

You see, I am acutely aware just how challenging being a business owner can be.  That’s why statistically only 5% of people who launch their own business actually continue and succeed.  It’s certainly not a path for everyone.

It requires a true desire that not everyone has.  It is it’s own rollercoaster journey, but if you have a desire for freedom, being your own boss, creating an impact, having a bigger vision, shaping a journey that fulfils you way more than the journey of an employee is what creates a fire in your soul then it’s a journey you need to explore, and it’s a journey that I can help you with.

Like many I started my working life as an employee and soon realised that it was not for me.  I have been running businesses in the health, wellness and fitness space (and other spaces!) since 1999 and I totally get the challenges that come with it, and I am all too familiar of that rollercoaster ride!

I am also acutely aware of how amazing it can be.  I look back now at the tens of thousands of lives I have been able to impact through my work, both as a health profession and a mentor, but also through the charitable work that I have been able to facilitate through my business.

I also look at the freedom filled life I now live, with travel and adventure being a huge part of this.  None of this would have been possible if I had bailed and joined the 95% who gave up when it got a bit tough.

So now, my souls calling is to help others in my industry start, grow or scale their businesses to a place where they are truly living their calling, both in their business AND their life.  Because an epic life is one where the needs and desires of BOTH are being met.

So yes, through my work as a mentor, in the health, wellness and fitness industry, you get to tap into 23 years of experience running patient/client centred businesses both in the UK and abroad.

You get to benefit from form my wins and also learn from my mistakes, saving you years of trial and error!

You see, the fact is, that many people in our industry qualify with in their chosen modalities, get a fab shiny certificate, but did not get taught how to turn that qualification into an impactful and profitable business.  One that will be fulfilling and all you dreamed it would be when you signed up for the qualification, and one that will support the epic life journey you also would love to live.

Far too often I see amazing health, wellness and fitness professionals, leaving our industry because they cannot get the business side to work. Not because they aren’t capable, but because they were never taught the business side, and have just been winging it blindly in the hope that something will suddenly work.

This breaks my heart and I have to be honest is an area that still frustrates me about our training industry (but that’s a whole other story!!).

Anyway, the truth is that your success in our industry comes from having your qualification in your modality AND knowing how to turn that into a successful, profitable and impactful business.  One without the other just ain’t gonna end well!

So that’s why a few years back, I decided that my calling was to help YOU be the 5% that succeed, by supporting YOU to take that qualification and turn it into an amazing business that will facilitate that amazing life you desire!

Work With Me

I get asked a lot what am I, and it’s a question I still even ask myself as I wear a few hats, of which my clients get the benefit of!

I am your friendly business mentor, you strategic life coach, your success and impact strategist, your implementation and accountability partner all rolled into one epic experience!

Some mentors focus on just the business side.  In total transparency I did too a few years back when I first started formalising my mentoring.  But after a while it just didn’t sit well with me.  I felt a slight disconnect and that I was missing something important in my work.  You see my whole adult life has been about rocking a fab business AND living a fab life!

That’s the walk I talk, and through just focusing on the business stuff, the whole life stuff was not being worked on too!

So I switched it all up, knowing that the experience I truly wanted my clients to have with me, incorporated road mapping an amazing journey for BOTH!

It was like finding that missing piece in the jigsaw that you know is somewhere but you just can’t find it and then when you do, you are like aaaaaaah! Yes! Now we are talking!

My dream clients are ones who are ready to take action and are ready to level up their current business and life journey!

It may be that they are currently feeling stuck because the business they are currently running ,or the life they are currently living is not where they want to be, and they are not sure how to change this.

They are not making the impact they want to, earning the income they want to and certainly not living the freedom filled, fulfilling life they would like.

Some of my clients have big goals they want to achieve and they just need support and in creating a roadmap and accountability to hit those goals.

I also have clients who business wise are doing great, but they are struggling to match that success on the life front.

The joy I have as a business AND life mentor is that my toolkit is vast which means I can bespoke each experience with me completely to what you need!

Need more support on the business side? I’ve got you covered!

Need more support on the life side? Yep, I am all over this!

Need both? You got it!

Click here and come and join The Chrysalis Cafe, my FREE business community of health, wellness and fitness business owners who are working towards achieving their goals and aspirations in their life and their business. too!


So I have always been a fan of statement clothing and apparel and also a fan of a good inspiring quote, message or something that just makes me chuckle a bit!

I've always wanted my own store to see this exact kind of stuff and so from there Rippleena was born!

Over the years when I have worn statement clothing, i've always had people comment on it or say 'I needed to see/hear that message today' or 'the words on your t-shirt are really powerful and thought provoking'.

It's amazing how a simple t-shirt, bag or hoodie can deliver a message and create a ripple effect just by the act of wearing it and allowing it to be seen!

So yes there are cheeky slogans, powerful slogans, inspiring slogans. There's a few feminist ones, some bad ass ones and yes a couple might mention wine!

With new styles being added all the time!


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A few kind words...



Working with Nikki has made me thinks outside the box when it comes to running my business. Exploring new ways to create income and lots of amazing training. She has a really easy way with her and even when she's trying to give you a kick up the bum she does it so nicely! Being in her group has connected me with so many amazing women who have become great friends.



Working with Nikki Collinson-Phenix is a unique breath of fresh air.

With a huge wealth of knowledge, Nikki has a distinctive ability to really dissolve issues and allow bright sparkly light on your business. Nikki totally understands several areas that we are never taught.  Bringing together a perfect business plan. Thank you!



I have been put of Nikki's VIP Business Club for 2 years now. Through her own experiences, this has made Nikki so knowledgeable and she is always willing to pass that knowledge on. I've learnt so much from being part of this amazing sisterhood.

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In this episode we celebrate our 100th episode since our launch in 2020.  It's been such a wonderful and incredible journey and this episode is probably my most favourite of then all as I am joined by a host of guests including some really special ones at the end too! 

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  #98 Making Yourself A Priority with guest Cindy Jesse

In this episode we hear Cindys incredible and inspiring story and how as a result she now helps women break free from past pain patterns and is able to use here experiences as a force of good.


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An insight into my own personal story, why I do what I do and some pearls of wisdom I have learnt along the way that have helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives.


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