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I help passionate and ambitious therapists, practitioners and health and wellness professionals become confident and savvy business owners so that they can impact and help more people and earn a great income in return!

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The Business Of Therapy!

It can be HARD! You get your qualification in your chosen therapies or your chosen health and wellness path, but often you're left asking yourself:

Where was the in depth module on converting all that fabulous knowledge and passion into profitable health and wellness business?

Did I miss that memo??

No you didn't miss the memo.

There is hardly ever a module on how to no turn that training into a profitable business! 

So many talented health and wellness professionals, recognise the need to be taught their therapies, but not the need to be taught how to run the business side of therapy.

They go into this whole new world of running a business completely blind, with no support or strategy. Then due to a lack of knowledge, they crash, burn and give up, leaving them often feeling shit, deflated or a failure, and the patients/clients who were just around the corner who NEEDED them (but just didn’t know where to find them, or that they even existed!) are now unable to access those life changing skills and talent.

What a waste on incredible talent!
This was me once.....

I had just given up an amazing income, with great prospects in corporate finance.  It had been so unfulfilling and I dreamed of REALLY making difference to people and truly helping them! I took a massive leap of faith and left it all to go back to 'school', qualified and then felt flat on my arse! With no clue how to earn an income as a therapist, I was floundering and panicking about paying the mortgage, but instead of giving up, I educated myself and learnt all there was to know about the business side of therapy!

Now 20 years later, I have had the most amazing career and I am now so passionate about helping other ambitious therapists get the knowledge they need to make the impact they KNOW they are meant to make, and to earn the income they KNOW they deserve!


Come and join my amazing community of therapists and health and wellness business owners who are already using what I teach to make an impact and increase their income too!

Do you know what makes you different from other therapists in your area?

(You should do!)



Have you tapped into your uniqueness?

(It is there I promise!!)

Are you the ‘go to’ person in your area for your area of expertise?

(You should be!)

Are you just marketing to anyone and everyone and keeping your fingers crossed that some of that crazy hard work actually converts to a paying customer?

(Please don't do this!)



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