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So you made a decision to train to work in the health and wellness industry. You did your training, you got your certificate and then what?  The journey afterwards usually follows one of these 3 paths:

You realised you had no idea how to run a business so you filed that certificate away and carried on life as it was before?

You are ‘having a go’ at this running a business stuff around perhaps another job but you don’t really have a clue what you are doing and certainly cannot leave the ‘main’ job to go full on in your own business.

You took the plunge and went full throttle into running your own business with limited or next to know ‘how to run a health and wellness business’ knowledge and you have been basically winging it, but you would really like to learn how to do it properly so you can scale your business to new heights!

I want to stress from the outset that nobody is born knowing how to run a business! It is learnt knowledge and most training schools just don’t prioritise the business part of the journey. At best you may get a small session or even a tiny module, but certainly not enough to give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to rock out a business you can be proud of.


Because for me that is not a measure of success. That just sounds bloody exhausting and no fun at all!

Success to me is in having a balance.

Yes I am a therapist. But I am also a wife and a mum.  I love to travel, I love to work on my projects in Uganda. I love to walk and hang out with the kids. I love to camp and toast marshmallows on the beach.  I want to see my kids in their plays, watch their football matches, do my share of the school runs or take them to the beach for an ice cream after school.

Being able to do all this AND still impact my patients……..now THIS is my idea of success!

‘Maximum impact in business, maximum living in life’

This is what I strive for and this is where I help people just like you to build businesses that create a huge impact, whilst also actively encouraging you to rock out a pretty epic life too!

As someone who has walked your journey, I know how it feels to firstly qualify with no clue and then attempt to wing it for a few years! Luckily for me I did have ‘some’ business knowledge from my previous finance career but certainly not enough to pave the way to a successful, impactful and profitable business! Over my 22 years in a treatment room, I have made ALL the mistakes! But then I realised I needed to learn this stuff, and so for the last 8 years I invested in learning the business side PROPERLY!

It was enlightening and exciting and suddenly my dream of making an impact and truly changing lives, with a plan and a strategy actually came true!

Since 2018, I have also made it my mission to turn those 22 years running a health and wellness business, a previous corporate career and 8 years of business learning into something that can help ALL my fellow health and wellness pros to start, grow and scale their own businesses in a way that feels good, feels life changing and in the process is profitable and fun.


Unlike some business mentors, I will NOT be encouraging you to fill your diary to the brim, max out on the hours and help you see hundreds of patients a week!

I want you to earn a great living, but I also want to you enjoy that income living a fabulous life in whatever way that looks for you!

Right now I am just prepping to step away from the treatment room and to take my family on some epic travel adventures.  This has been a goal for me for many years and it’s because I have built a business based on balance that I am able to do this.

I want YOU to realise all your goals and aspirations too, both professionally AND personally.

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