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The VIP Couch Membership

Some call it a membership, I think of it as a sisterhood! 

The VIP Couch is THE place to be if you are a female therapist who wants more in terms of her therapy business.

We are talking complete sisterhood, camaraderie, support and cheerleading from me and from our whole VIP community who get the challenges of being a woman in business and all the additional juggling that goes alongside running your own business and navigating family life too! 

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The Business of Therapy Made Simple

Get Started!

Get Started! is an incredible program that has been designed for:

  • Newly qualified health and wellness professionals who are ready to join this amazing industry but know they are lacking in how to turn this knowledge into a profitable and success business!
  • Health and wellness professionals who have been doing their best to run their businesses but know that a lack of business basics is holding them back from making the impact they want to be making.

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The Business Of Therapy Made Simple



My signature 10 month LIVE program designed for those health and wellness professionals who have the basics, they are running their businesses but they KNOW that they want so much more than just a full diary and they know that there is so much more for them to do in their business. We are talking more income, more time, more freedom, more impact!

This is when it gets really fun!

I offer a handful of 1-1 coaching/mentoring programs throughout the year from 4-12 weeks. This is the highest level you can work with me and spaces are very limited.

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