10% of profits from my coaching services go to my charity Chrysalis Uganda. Click to learn more!

The Chrysalis VIP Business Club

Our club, or in fact it's more like a sisterhood is my happy place to hang out.  If you are tired of trying to work this stuff out on your own and want to be connected with a group of amazing ladies, who whilst walking their own path are right there to support your journey too then this is the place to come and hang out! Expect support in abundance as well as a good few laughs too! 

Come and try us out for a month and see for your self! To learn more about what you get in the club just click the button below! Hope to see you in there! 

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The Business Of Health, Wellness and Fitness Made Simple - Get Started!

My COMPLETE business program for health, wellness and fitness professionals that breaks down all the business side into easy to learn and practical steps.

10 Core Modules (and 3 bonus modules) Get Started will take you from winging it in your business to a confident and capable business owner!

Covering everything you need to know to run your business with confidence, with a plan, with a strategy and with a bright future!

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Work With Me 1-1

Sometime what you need is to work closer with someone.  A coach/mentor who has walked a similar path and who is committed to supporting you in achieving your business and life goals and aspirations.

Working with me 1-1 is business and life changing.  I will show you exactly how you can achieve what you want to achieve, how to banish the limitations, help you see all the possibilities and to create an incredible road map to living your very best life.

I bring my whole toolkit to the table, from business and life strategy and roadmapping and accountability, to strategic life coaching, mind detox, solution based hypnotherapy, NLP and so much more!


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