The Chrysalis VIP Business Club

An incredible club of heart centred, action taking female business owners, who are committed to hitting their business and life goals with a growth and abundance mindset, so that they live a limitless life of happiness, freedom, purpose, impact and contribution.

Hi, I’m Nikki Collinson-Phenix and I am so glad you have taken a moment to learn a bit about my amazing club The Chrysalis VIP Club.  Formerly know as The VIP Couch at the end of 2021, I decided to switch things up a bit!


Because I had spent the last 4 years focusing solely on helping people grow amazing, fulfilling and profitable businesses which was incredible, BUT I equally wanted to help people create a happy and fulfilling life too!

I wanted you to have BOTH!

One where you can feel successful, joyous and fully in control of your life and what lies ahead for it both professional and personally!

And so for 2022, I made the decision to keep rocking out the business stuff but to bring EVEN MORE here into The Chrysalis Club by also rocking out the life stuff too!

This is what I call the ultimate in balance and it’s what members of The Chrysalis VIP Club are all working towards achieving in their own unique way!

Yep! I think this is exactly the club I need to be in!

So would you like to:

  • Have a clear vision of what your version of success is for your life and business and know how to create a plan of action to achieve just that?
  • Get mindset support so that whenever those mind monkeys hit, you know that there are people you can call upon to get that mindset back on track?
  • Have access to ongoing training from myself and from my incredible network of guest trainers to help you on your path to success and ultimate balance?
  • Have access to a massive training vault of over 55 business and mindset trainings for you to tap into whenever you have a knowledge gap you need to fill?
  • Be supported by an incredible sisterhood of female business owners who get you and your aims, ambitions, visions and aspirations so that they can cheerlead and support you on your journey?
  • Have a place where you can just be yourself, share the highs and lows, share some banter, have a laugh or sit quietly in the background with no judgement.
  • Be part of a community where you are heard, where you are listened to and where you never feel alone and where you can create life long friendships and potential collaborations?
This sounds like exactly what I need for me and my business!

This was exactly why I create The Chrysalis VIP Club. 

I have been so lucky over my years as a business owner to be part of some amazing networks and clubs which have been instrumental in the growth of me as a business owner and in achieving the things I have done in my life and so, knowing the value of them, I wanted to create my own safe space to offer other female business owners the same.

Here is the club, you get to have me in your corner so that I can support you in a way I cannot do in my free group The Chrysalis Café.

A bit about me

I’m not really sure what to call myself as I wear many hats so I’ll settle for business mentor, success and impact strategist, life coach and therapist from the UK.  I am also a serial goal getter, humanitarian, dream catcher, freedom seeker, believer that anything is possible and lover of seeing others succeed!

Right now as part of creating my own success and ultimate balance I am on the road travelling with my family working as I go and I love it!

 As at today as I write this I am in Portugal but who knows where I am on the day you read this! If you are interested in seeing you can find our travel adventures at Life In A Can.

After a disillusioned corporate finance career, I retrained into health and wellness and was a therapist in both talking and hands on therapies for over 20 years, and in that time I witnessed so many people who wanted more from their lives but just didn't have the belief, the courage, the strategy, the plan or the support to make it happen. 

In 2019, I launched The Profitable Couch, business mentoring health and wellness professionals around the world to create impactful and profitable businesses. I also launched the top ranking The Profitable Couch Podcast and launched my Amazon No 1 best selling content planner and other planners.


As time went on, and as a serial goal getter, I realised that I wanted off of the hamster wheel of life and to take back some control over the path of my life and so that was when I started embarking on my biggest goal, to take my family on The Phenix's Big Adventure around Europe.

I also realised that whilst I LOVED business mentoring I actually wanted to help people grow amazing businesses AND amazing lives! I didn't just want to focus on the business side! I wanted people to strive to have both and with that came a big shake up of my business and my message! 

It was time to create the ultimate in balance!

Host of The Chrysalis Cafe Community and this club The Chrysalis VIP Club, I am also  host of the podcast The Chrysalis Conversations which is full of incredible guests and inspiring stories to fill you with inspiration, mindset shifts and strategy golden nuggets, to help you believe that anything is possible for you too!

When I’m not working, or hanging out with my family, I’m is working with my organisation Chrysalis Uganda which empowers women and children living in the slums through education, microfinancing, malaria prevention and vocational training.

The club sounds like just what I need!

So let's cut to the chase! So what is available to me if I join The VIP Couch business club?

(IMPORTANT NOTE: I want to make this very clear from the outset that when you read all the fab stuff in the club you DO NOT have to take part in it all! 

It is just there for you for WHEN you may need it! 

My priority is to facilitate a safe space for you to get the support you need when you need it, and for you to dip in and out of things as it works for you!

We are 100% a no overwhelm zone!

Below are some of the things you can take advantage of IF you would like to! #nopressure)


What’s also really cool is that you can access all the trainings via an APP too, so there is always a way for you to keep learning even on the go from your phone!


This is our central hub where we hang out. I am in there every day to help and support and you can hang out there too or just dip in when you need some help or fancy a chat!  The community is without a doubt one of the things our members love the most because we have a laugh and we support each other too!



Twice a month we have an open zoom session. People can post questions in advance and if time during the zoom itself and we work through the things that you are struggling with. Kind of like mini hot seats these are really powerful sessions and I love running them!


Every month we hold a draw to win a 30 min 1-1 with me!  If you have ever worked with me before you will know that I can help you loads in 30 mins so these are a fantastic bonus to your membership if your name is drawn! We can talk about anything you need help with when it comes to creating  your success plan and ultimate balance.


Access to over 55 trainings covering strategy and mindset, for you to dip into as and when you might need a knowledge fix!

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Branding
  • Finance and Money
  • Video and Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Google/SEO
  • Tech (including setting up from scratch your email marketing)
  • Canva
  • Visibility
  • Social Media ( including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter)
  • Podcasting
  • Creating Addition Income Streams/Recurring Revenue/Passive and Semi Passive Income
  • Self Care and Mindset

(because we have to practice what we preach right!)


Throughout the year I will be hosting masterclasses and training sessions. As a member of the club you will get 100% access to these trainings or a preferential member rate to bigger trainings! Well you are VIP after all! 


Every month I bring in a guest expert trainer on all different business and life topics to help you towards your ultimate balance. These are delivered live via zoom so you can actually chat live with them about questions relevant to YOU if you would like to! Don’t worry if you can’t attend live as they are all recorded and uploaded to the training library!

These sessions are also a great way to help you build up your network too!


Every month,  £1 of your monthly membership will go to my project Chrysalis Uganda which empowers women living in the slums to start their own businesses through micro financing and business support . It’s a huge passion of mine and very dear to my heart and it’s really important to me that we can use our VIP Club as a way to support other women who don’t have the same opportunities as us.


Should you wish to you have the opportunity to connect and get yourself a business buddy. Those who have formed business buddies have not only formed great friendships but collaborations too!


Research has shown that you are 42% likely to hit your goals if you write them down so every Monday you have the choice to post your goals in our goal thread and then on a Friday you can reflect on them, share your learnings or celebrate your wins! Again none of this is compulsory but it is set up for you to use if you would like to.


As part of your membership, and as a new member you will be invited to a 15 min turbo coaching call with me! A chance for me to say hello, understand your vision and get you started on making your vision a reality! I will also give yoou some tips on how to make the best use of the club for your needs 

Membership to The Chrysalis VIP Club has been £39.99 per month to access EVERYTHING detailed above, BUT to support you with the challenges of the recent cost of living crisis, I have reduced membership to just £19.99 for the foreseeable future to give you every opportunity to get the help, guidance, training and support you need and deserve! If you join for £19.99 you will NEVER pay any more, even when the price increases again in the future you will STAY on this rate!


Doing a happy dance! 

Really looking forward to supporting you!

Yes Please! Let Me In!

There is no tie in, you can cancel at any time as the membership rolls month to month so you are welcome to try us out for a month and see how it feels without any need for any longer term commitment!