The VIP Couch

THE fabulous business club for female health and wellness business owners!

 Helping you become that confident, savvy and authentic business owner that truly makes an impact.


Hi, I’m Nikki Collinson-Phenix and I’m so pleased that you’re reading this and that hopefully and very soon I will get to support you to build your confidence and knowledge as you grow your health and wellness business.

I am passionate about helping female health and wellness professional become savvy business owners who are creating impact in their world, running a business they can be proud of and earning an income that truly reflects the difference they make.

My core values are:

Creating Freedom

Being Authentic

Paying It Forward

Practicing Gratitude

Having Fun!

If this resonates with YOU then you will LOVE being a part of The VIP Couch!


Yep! I think this is exactly the club I need to be in!

Let’s be honest, it's been a  very challenging time of late, trying to navigate our way through the last few months as business owners and supporting our patients and clients. As health and wellness professionals,  we've been unable to interact with our clients as we would do normally. Nothing has been clear and it’s been easy to lose focus and motivation.

For some, challenge can become opportunity, but finding the enthusiasm and confidence to take on that challenge can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming, and for some, it’s that overwhelm that can lead to paralysis.

I know that for some of you, you have risen to the occasion and for others you have retreated.

Many of you have had the realisation that all your income came from those closed treatment rooms and this has hit you hard, both financially and emotionally.

Has your confidence taken a battering?

Have these times made you look at your business model and start thinking of ways of tweak it or improve it?

Are you finding running your business a lonely place to hang out, or perhaps you have fallen out of love with your business?

Are you now thinking that you need to fill some holes in your business, perhaps create additional income streams or learn how to make your business stronger for the future.

Are you feeling a tad overwhelmed with, well, basically everything? I mean you just want to help people and 'do your thing' not be stuck trying to work out all this business stuff alone!

And whilst all this has been going recently, perhaps also been juggling being a mum, or a wife, or a carer, or a whole list of all the other fabulous challenges that being a woman throws at you, whilst still trying to ensure your business is sustainable and you are fully prepared to adapt, innovate and react. I mean does the word 'juggler' come to mind! And perhaps one that drops the balls a few times too!

It’s not been easy.

I totally get it.

It's NOT YOUR FAULT! If you haven't been taught this business stuff then how the hell are you meant to know it all !



Feel a confident and savvy business woman who is not only bloody good at their job, but knows how to run a business too?


Be a part of an incredibly supportive network of female health and wellness pros where being supportive and cheerleading you is standard?


Where you have access to ongoing business training from industry experts to continue to grow and expand your business plans and aspirations as well as an extensive training vault?


Be rocking out a business that is creating you freedom, as well as a great income?
Have a safe space where you can be supported in your business and life challenges as well as a place to celebrate those epic wins.......with women who get you?


Because you will get all this AND MORE in The VIP Couch Business Club!


This sounds like exactly what I need for me and my business!

This is why I created The VIP Couch business club. My vision was to create a community of like minded, female professionals, all supporting each other, learning from each other and believing in each other, no matter where you are on your business journey. A lovely, non judgemental community where a virtual chat over a glass of wine is also part of the deal! (Soft drinks also welcome!)

A place where you gain:









I am so lucky that over the yearS, I have, and continue, to be part of some incredible business sisterhoods and without doubt, they have been key pivotal reasons why my business has grown and continues to grow. I will always be part of a sisterhood business collaboration! They are way too valuable to lose them!  (Yes that photo is one my biz 'sisterhoods' below and I wouldn't be where I am now without them!) In fact you might recognise some of them!

You're friends and family do their best to support you but unless they are walking a similar journey they just don't get it!

But when you surround yourself with those 'get you' and understand your that is powerful!

As Rumi says ' Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames'

Ok, ok! I get it! It's a great club! Let me in!

A bit about me.....

I am a chiropractor, business coach and speaker, and I’m on a mission to help incredible health and wellness professionals around the world. I believe massively in paying forward and often talk about the need to practice gratitude and random acts of kindness. 

Whilst I am seriously committed to helping therapists build great businesses I believe in doing it in a way that is authentic, approachable and fun. I am passionate about helping female health and wellness business owners gain confidence in their ability and business knowledge and savvy so that they can believe in themselves and their abilities and use that belief to grow a successful business that impacts and changes the lives of so many people!

I also want you to create a fabulous LIFE that is supported by your fabulous business!  You may want to run a great business, but perhaps you also want to travel or have other big visions and aspirations! I want you to have the confidence to know that you CAN create that when you have the knowledge you need, a great mindset and a wonderful support network.

I am the host of top ranking The Profitable Couch Podcast and I am also the author of The Planner for Health and Wellness Professionals and the Amazon #1 best seller The CONTENT Planner For Health and Wellness Professionals.

Through my coaching and mentoring programs, I have helped hundreds of passionate therapists get more visible, owning their space in their area of expertise using my signature P.R.O.F.I.T Formula. 

I’ve been in the therapy world for over 20 years, and I actually do what I teach! I have created a life for myself that allows me the freedom to lead a fulfilling life away from work, embracing my love for travel. When I’m not working you’ll find me on a campsite with my family, or working on my own charity in Uganda, or planning my next traveling adventures! There's a pretty big one coming soon!

I want to inspire you to know that you can work smarter to not only achieve the business you aspire to, but also an epic life away from work too– and we all need that balance!

This sounds like a club worth checking out!

So let's cut to the chase! So what is available to me if I join The VIP Couch business club?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I want to make this very clear from the outset that when you read all the fab stuff in the club you DO NOT have to take part in it all! It is just there for you for WHEN you may need it! 

My priority is to give the confidence that you need to believe in yourself and your ability to be a successful business owner. To help you get clarity on where YOU need support the most and to have access to the tools YOU need to get that support.

Below are some of the things you can take advantage of IF you would like to! #nopressure



This is our central hub where we hang out. I am in there every day to help and support and you can hang out there too or just dip in when you need some help or fancy a chat!  The community is without a doubt one of the things our members love the most because it can be a lonely place sometimes running a business


Access to over 35 business trainings, created specifically for running a health and wellness business from and also tapping into a whole host of experts too!  There is a road map for you to be able to tap into your own Success Pathway so that you can easily find what you need and the area you need to work on! Depending on the area you feel you need or want to work on, we have business trainings in there on:





Finance and Money

Video and Photography



Tech (including setting up from scratch your email marketing)



Social Media ( including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter)


Creating Addition Income Streams/Recurring Revenue/Passive and Semi Passive Income

Self Care For the Health and Wellness Professional

(because we have to practice what we preach right!)


What’s also really cool is that you can access all the trainings via an APP too, so there is always a way for you to keep learning even on the go from your phone!


Weekly LIVE Q&A with What’s Occurring Wednesday! (WOW)

At 6.30pm GMT every Wednesday we come together LIVE for WOW. I share my business learnings that week and you get to also ask me live any questions you have. You can always post questions in the Facebook community but sometimes it’s really good to actually have a live chat about it! If you can’t attend live these are available for catch up at any time!


Every month I bring in 2 guest expert trainers on all different business topics relevant to our industry and our business growth. These are delivered live via zoom so you can actually chat live with them about questions relevant to YOUR business! Don’t worry if you can’t attend live as they are all recorded and uploaded to the training library!


Research has shown that you are 42% likely to hit your goals if you write them down so every Monday you have the choice to post your goals in our goal thread and then on a Friday you can reflect on them, share your learnings or celebrate your wins! Again none of this is compulsory but it is set up for you to use if you would like to.


The Profitable Couch Podcast was ranked Number 2 in the ITunes Chart for Entrepreneurship and Number 6 for Business and is another of my ways for you all to access free training and support.  As a member of the VIP Couch you can get the opportunity to have a whole episode dedicated to you and your business and to your story. This is great for your experience, but also to inspire your fellow colleagues, plus it’s a great way to get some business promotion and for you to use in your PR too!


Every month we hold a live draw on WOW for a member to win a 30 min 1-1 with me.  If you have every worked with me before you will know that I can help you loads in 30 mins so these are a fantastic bonus to your membership if your name is drawn!


Should you wish to you have the opportunity to connect and get yourself a business buddy. Those who have formed business buddies have not only formed great friendships but collaborations too!


For any courses, VIP Days or events, as a VIP member you will get first access to them before they are put out to the wider community.


Every month I will be recommending a book for that month for us to read together so that we can continue our development. It may be strategy or mindset based and is great if you are a reader who loves self development!


From November, £1 of your monthly membership will go to my project Chrysalis Uganda which empowers women living in the slums to start their own businesses through micro financing and business support . It’s a huge passion of mine and very dear to my heart and I am so thrilled that we have reached the stage where I can now use the fabulousness of our club to support amazing women in Uganda. 

So as you can see it's a pretty fabulous place to be to work on you and your business!


There is no contract, your membership rolls month to month!

Nothing to lose, but perhaps lots of fab stuff to gain!

Nikki x



Membership to The VIP Couch is just £39.99 per month to access EVERYTHING detailed above, yep just £39.99 for unparalleled business support in abundance!

What a complete business no brainer!


I want to try this fabulous sounding business club!


Doing a happy dance! 

Really looking forward to supporting you!

Let Me In!


(Although of course we will be sad to see you go!)

Come and join the waitlist!