Come and have a nose around these 2 fabulous planners!

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The Planner 2021 


The Content Planner 2021

(For Health and Wellness Professionals!)




So let's get planning!

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So the truth is, some of you are just not that great at planning, and I am saying this with a whole bucket full of love!  Yes you may booked your clients in ok, but if I was to ask you about your next 12 months goal in detail would you be able to tell me them? Would you be able to break it down into the steps you are taking each month and each week to make sure you actually HIT those we month goals?

When it comes to your online business presence, are you posting stuff completely haphazard, with no thought to any actual content strategy and to making sure that the content you post or email WILL actually convert to paying customers?

It's ok beauts, I hear you! Don't think for any minute that I have spent the last 20 plus years in health and wellness rocking this stuff out! I can tell you that for many years I was completely winging this business stuff!

But then I got fed up of winging it and new I wanted to get better at it, get more structured, more organised, more strategic! I wanted to learn how to impact more people in my business, generate more income in my business and in the process free up more time to do other things like cool stuff with my kids or travel!

So anyway, I have spent a few years learning this stuff, and what I can tell you is that when you get organised, structure and strategic, this stuff actually works!

As the founder of The Profitable Couch community and host of The Profitable Couch podcast, I know that planning and content planning, or rather lack of planning comes up a lot, so I wanted to help a bit!

The Planner and The CONTENT Planner have been created to make your life EASIER!

I have created this page so that I can actually show you INSIDE the planners so that you can see for yourself what's in there to help you!

I am absolutely loving all the amazing feedback I am getting and the fact that The Content Planner hit Amazon #1. It's not about the vanity metrics, it's about the fact that something I created to help people, is now in the hands of some many, and that means the world! 

Have a look below and see if they resonate with you and let's get YOU rocking out your epic 2021! 

Let's just cut to the chase! What do you get in The Planner and The Content Planner!



(a meaty 550 pages of awesomeness for working IN your business)

  • A great size at 10inx8in

  • Day to view with appts every 30 mins from 8am-10pm

  • Notes/to do for each day

  • Gratitude section for each day

  • Keep hydrated checks for each day

  • Yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals for your business and for you personally.

  • Monthly reflection pages including your income and learnings

  • Lots of inspirational quotes to keep you motivated

  • Year to view on a page for 2021 and 2022

  • Month to View 2021 for overview planning!

  • Monthly Income/Expenditure/Annual Trackers

  • Notes section for brain dumping! (You know I love a brain dump!)

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(200 pages for working ON your business and planning your consistent and relevant content)

  • A great size at 10in x 8in

  • How to use it instructions and how to plan your content including sample week page

  • Week to view for 2021 for you to plan all your content for emails and social media for 12 months

  • 365 Awareness Days plus space to add your own relevant to your therapeutic modality.

  • 100 content ideas for when you get brain freeze!

  • Tracker to monitor your audience growth monthly over the whole of 2021

  • Never go blank when it comes to what to post or to write!

  • get a structure and a strategy of what to post and why!

  • Notes section for brain dumping

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