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Available for small or large events to talk on a range of inspiring and thought provoking subjects related to business or life award winning coach and mentor Nikki can tailor a talk/workshop from 20 mins to 1 hour depending on your needs or requirements.

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My Speaker Bio

 Living a life of purpose and impact whilst being the master of your own destiny are themes that have run through the life of Nikki Collinson-Phenix.

Despite a challenging upbringing, underpinned by an environment of domestic violence, alcoholism and mental health challenges. Nikki knew from a young age that she was here to make a difference and at the age of 8, after watching heartbreaking Live Aid footage chose to channel the negatives of her childhood into a force of good and pave her way as a change maker.

After a disillusioned corporate career, Nikki spent over 20 years helping people navigate emotional and physical challenges through her work as a chiropractor and talking therapist and 3 years ago began using at that knowledge in her capacity as an inspiring  business and life mentor.

Nikki's underlying messages are around womens empowerment, taking back control of your life, creating your own version of success on your terms, creating ultimate balance in your business and your life, seeking to live a life of fulfillment and happiness and giving back.

She is a serial goal setter, goal getter and loves nothing more than inspiring her clients and those around her to turn those dreams into goal and to make them happen!.

Her mantra is one life, live it.

Nikki is currently living her dream having achieved her biggest goal and creating her ultimate balance.

In Sept 2021 Nikki and her family left the UK to embark on what she calls The Great Phenix Adventure as she journeys around Europe indefinitely with her family towing their caravan Suzy, working on the road and having the most amazing family time. 

She wants everyone to know that they too can create their own version success and turnn their dreams into achievable goals.

To date she has supported hundreds of women to do just that.

With a huge passion for empowering women, Nikki’s inspiring talks can make any woman feel that anything is possible, whether that is by choosing their own path of purpose or by reminding them that they have the strength and capability to pick themselves up when the chips are down, re write their story and be the master of their own destiny.

She inspires anyone who crosses her path to see possibilities not limitations.

Listening to Nikki speak is like having that calming, encouraging voice whispering in your ear that you can do it, that you can be whomever you want to be, and you can achieve whatever you want to achieve despite the curveballs of life.

Ever the humanitarian, Nikki launched the Africa Childrens Development Trust and since then has worked tirelessly with women and children and helping thousands of families across Uganda through education, vocational training, malaria prevention, business support and microfinancing.  Nikki was awarded the National Venus Women In Business Award for Influential Woman Of The Year for this work and continues to find new and innovative ways to empower the amazing women and children who live there.

She is also the founder of The Godshill Play park Project an initiative to bring a £300k fully inclusive play facility to the Isle of Wight, so that families can come together to experience the joy of play, fresh air and fun regardless of any challenges they may face.

Nikki is a straight talking speaker, success and impact strategist, business mentor, humanitarian and host of The Chrysalis Conversations Podcast but mix that together with a great sense of fun and you have a speaker that people want to listen to.

Nikki is known for making learning fun and making the complicated sound simple and whatever your background, Nikki will have you fired up and ready to make your impact in the world.

Inspirational Key Notes

Stop Calling It  A Dream

 In this talk, Nikki raises the 5 reasons many people don't realise their dreams and gives 10 tips to changing that. (40 mins)

The Legacy Revolution 

Through Nikki’s incredible story be reminded that no matter what life throws at you and no matter where you are in the world, you can choose to rewrite your story and take ownership of your destiny and how your story ends. (30 mins)

Finding Your Purpose – Be inspired by Nikki’s story of how she found her path to purpose and how you can find yours too. 30 mins)

Business Workshops & Masterclasses 

Nail Your Ideal Client Masterclass – This fundamental key to a successful business which often gets missed out! Learn why this is so important to set you apart from your competition and how you can identify your dream clients too. (1 hour)

Create Your 12 Month Business and Life Strategy Masterclass – Helping business owners map out their 12 month business and life strategy so that they can have a clear plan of action to hit their business and life goals

(1.5 hours)

Nikki's diversity means she can also tailor many talks specific to what you need, so just reach out and ask!