I have been so very lucky to have worked with some incredible business owners, each with their own version of success, ultimate balance, impact, purpose, happiness, profit and fulfillment,  that they are working towards.

Here are just a few of them......how lucky am i eh?

Lindsay Randerson - Holistic Health Coach

I’ve loved working with Nikki over the past year. I joined her Get Started! programme as well as the members VIP Club so I could start to work on specific business strategies that I felt I needed to get my business off the ground .. I’ve learnt & implemented so much & don’t feel like a “rabbit in headlights” now .. I have clear direction , purpose & a balance around my home life too ..it can be an overwhelming & lonely space when your first starting out on your own but the support and community that Nikki has created is amazing .. I’m so pleased I found her when I did ..

Nicola Reid-Adelaars North Yorks Chiropractic Clinic

Nikki came on my radar just after the summer of 2020, I started following her and was part of first group The Profitable Couch and then signed up to her  VIP membership and the amount of help and guidance Nikki gives is amazing and at the time it was 100% tailored to healthcare and therapies. And for me this was really important as we are often different from other businesses.

I then started working with Nikki on a 1:1 basis and loved her no nonsense attitude and great support and actually managed to implement what we talked about.

I’m still part of her groups and it’s a place where I feel safe and can share my wins and losses. And I can always rely on the expertise and help from Nikki and the other VIP sisters!

Nikki is also very funny and so easy to hang out with. She shares her life with us and I love that she is someone you can count on.

Thank you for the last 18 months and I hope many more to come.

Laura Holme – Body Confidence Photographer with Embracing Unique

Ever heard the saying "If you don't ask questions, you don't get the answers".

Well if I hadn't asked for help I wouldn't be where I am now. Nikki has been the shining force in my journey to stepping out and making a success of my business! Having your own business is a minefield, you watch what others do and try to replicate, but the sales just aren't coming in, you post all those words, images, and yet you still aren't getting the numbers. Why isnt it working? Why can't I get people looking at my business? Am I not good enough? May be I should give up? Well I asked all those questions, and it wasn't until I started working with Nikki that I got the answers. 

From day one her enthusiasm, expertise, and coaching has opened my eyes to

A - who I am

B - how to develop my business to be what I want it to be.

Working together to make sure I have a strong foundation, I have learnt to embrace my unique and believe in myself. Investing in me and my business has been the best thing I ever did, and actively encourage everyone to do the same. 

There isn't a query you can ask that she doesn't know the answer to.

If you are feeling stuck, then Nikki can help, she has been the driving force in taking my business where it needs to be. I am looking forward to  my continued journey.

TANYA ONG – Woo Crew

Nikki has given me the confidence to set up my self care community by being a living example, and an awesome mentor. 

She has a wealth of experience & knowledge, and is a very warm, friendly person who immediately puts you at ease. 

She isn’t afraid to call me out on my BS, but its all done with care & empathy. I was hesitant to spend money on myself, but I can safely say that without her guidance & support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would still be struggling with getting started and getting bogged down in overwhelm at having to make the smallest  business decision.

She has saved me time, effort & a lot of mental anguish. I love working with Nikki, and if you get chance to work with her, I would 100% recommend it.

SHARON TAYLOR – Complete Harmony Holistic Healing

Over the years I have worked with excellent business coaches, and I would put Nikki in this category. I’ve had a few coaching sessions with Nikki and each time her business knowledge and experience in the therapy industry has been invaluable. During our sessions, Nikki has been able to quickly see what I need to do to move my business forward and has given me sound and actionable advice to help me focus and move closer to my goals. She has taken me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experience new ways of working. Her group training has also been of great value. I would highly recommend working with her.

KATHRYN SCARR – Essence Mind and Body

I've been working with Nikki for the past 18months and she's fabulous. She's helped me immensely to grow my business through challenges, the VIP membership, and 1-2-1 sessions.


Prior to working with Nikki, I'd spent 13 years running a one-dimensional business, working all hours and having no real focus. I've since learnt the importance of having an ideal client, setting goals, sticking to boundaries, and providing a multi-tiered offer in order to help more people.


Nikki is passionate about helping women to make their business the successful business they desire. Her straight talking, no bullsh*t approach makes her great fun to work with too!.

BEATA KALLAI_KELBERT – Bea’s Complimentary Therapies

I thought I knew everything about how to run a business...and then I met Nikki. 

I started following her on FB, became a member of her membership and even did a 10 month course with her. 

If I look at myself two years ago and now, I can see a massive transformation.

 Finally my business works for me and I no longer work for the business. She changed my mindset about money, how worthy am I and taught me: Perfect inaction is better than imperfect action. 

I cannot recommend her enough.


HALIMA KESHAV Beautiful Sole

Working with Nikki has made me thinks outside the box when it comes to running my business. Exploring new ways to create income and lots of amazing training. She has a really easy way with her and even when she's trying to give you a kick up the bum she does it so nicely! Being in her group has connected me with so many amazing women who have become great friends.

DIANE WRIGHT Diane Wright Reflexology
Working with Nikki Collinson-Phenix is a unique breath of fresh air.

With a huge wealth of knowledge, Nikki has a distinctive ability to really dissolve issues and allow bright sparkly light on your business. Nikki totally understands several areas that we are never taught.  Bringing together a perfect business plan. Thank you!

KERRY NICHOLS – Cassini Beauty and Treatment Rooms

I have been put of Nikki's VIP Club for 2years now. Through her own experiences, this has made Nikki so knowledgeable and she is always willing to pass that knowledge on. I've learnt so much from being part of this amazing sisterhood.