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I'm a massive believer that you should not have all your income eggs in one basket! There was a time when all my income came from being in a treatment room and when injury forced me out of there for a year, the financial consequences were almost catastrophic. Since then I have focused hugely on ensuring that I have multiple streams of income and I urge you to consider this whether you are just starting out or growing your business! Take my little quiz to 'Discover Your Passive Income Personality' and see what type of recurring revenue streams would work best for your strengths!


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I don't send emails that often unless I am specifically launching course, a free business challenge or some other epic event that I don't want you to miss out on! So if you get an email from me, please read it! If that particular topic is not for you then that's fine move on, but please open the emails! So many times people tell me they didn't hear about something amazing and now it's too late and it turns out that they just didn't open the email or worse, they unsubscribed! 

#7 Be Awesome!

Listen, I know that sometimes imposter syndrome gets in the way, your confidence gets a battering and fear tries to stop you growing! I know because I have been there! There is also procrastoplanning, perfectionism, comparisonitis and a whole load of other monkey voices whispering in your ear making you feel stuck, overwhelmed, paralysed and at it's worst, close to giving up! I also know that it's likely that the business training you received as part of your professional training was either non existent or you could write it on a napkin! I hear you and that is why I am here! To help you realise how amazing you are and to help you fill in those knowledge gaps, own your worth and own an epic business that creates massive transformations for people which you get to live an epic life too! Pretty epic eh ;-) 

You've got this!