The Business Of Health, Wellness and Fitness Made Simple Get Started! Program


Learn the winning skills, mindset and strategy to build a thriving and successful health and wellness business that impacts more people, supports your family and personal goals and earns you a pretty fabulous income too!


So this last couple of years has been super challenging to say the least hasn’t it and I know that navigating them has brought up a whole load of worries, insecurities, inner demons, limiting beliefs.

Maybe you were in the middle of training, or just about to start training when the pandemic hit.

Maybe you were just literally starting your businesses the winging it strategy had you falling flat on your face as you thought ‘oh shit’ what do I do now, or how to I keep my business afloat.

How will I pay my bills?

I KNOW that you trained to be a health professional because you wanted to help people and that you started this journey because somewhere in your OWN journey this work had made a difference to you or someone you loved, and you just KNEW that you wanted to make the same difference to others!

BUT the difference between studying and getting that certificate and actually running and growing a profitable business of your own is HUGE!

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

You are telling EVERYONE what you do but it's not converting to new customers!

You are exhausted by what feels like the daily grind of being a business owner because it just feels like HARD WORK

You are NOT EARNING the money you want to be earning and it's getting really disheartening and financially challenging.

You feel like you are busting your arse posting on your social media but NO ONE is engaging.

You are writing emails but NO ONE is opening them.

You are posting EVERYWHERE but none of that hard work is turning into paid customers

You are just starting out and you don't really know where to start and everything just feels so

Your confidence is being knocked. At times you just want to jack it all in, but in your heart you WANT TO SUCCEED?

Others around you seem to have their business shit together so WHY CAN'T YOU?

You are about to qualify or have just qualified and literally have NO IDEA how to turn this qualification into a successful business .

The thing is, is that there are 2 parts needed to build a successful health, wellness or fitness business


Part 1: Have a recognised qualification in your chosen modality.
Part 2: Know how to run a business.


You need BOTH parts, not just one and this is where so many fabulous health professionals come unstuck.

They focus all their attention on Part 1 and then attempt to wing Part 2.

Don't be one of THOSE people!

Be the person who learnt both parts and then used all that knowledge to ROCK an amazing business, that then leads to rocking out an amazing life too!

Maybe you are just qualifying and you have no idea where to start with all this business stuff or maybe you qualified a while ago and have been winging it and you are tired of winging it.

Either way, with Get Started! I have your back! 


Just take a moment right now to imagine a business where:


 You knew exactly what, where and how to use social media to grow your business and it felt FUN!

 You knew exactly how to create irresistible offers for your clients that they just could not wait to BUY!

 You knew exactly how to design your business in a way that worked for you and your family to HIT YOUR GOALS and aspirations.

 You knew exactly how to price and charge for your fabulous services and you were OWNING YOUR WORTH!

 You knew that there were lots of ways to turn your skills into additional income streams and you are EXCITED about exploring them!

You had an income goal for the next 12 months and your KNEW exactly what you needed to do to hit that goal!

 You are earning a FABULOUS INCOME and everything feels COMPLETELY IN ALIGNMENT, no more winging it, like you just KNEW what you have to do and why and it just FEELS SO BLOODY GOOD!

 Imagine the above! HOW GOOD WOULD THAT FEEL?



I want you to become the CONFIDENT, SAVVY and IMPACTFUL business owner that I KNOW you are capable of becoming. The one who CHANGES LIVES through your passion, your knowledge and your skills. 

The one who is rewarded for impacting so many people and who is living the life they dreamed off too!

And to help you become that and more I created The Business Of Health, Wellness and Fitness Get Started! Program

I'm Ready To Get Started! Nikki! Let Me In!



Because I have walked this journey and I have been that person who had amazing qualifications but no frigging clue in how to turn all that knowledge into a profitable business.  I ‘winged it’ for far too long, trying to work out what the hell I was doing and getting frustrated when I was working so hard and yet it wasn’t being reflected in my business growth or my bank balance. 

I KNOW the things I struggled with and the things that held me back personally.

I KNOW the things I wish with all my heart someone had taught me.

I have coached so many health and wellness professionals and they have all told me the things they struggle with and I know the questions I get asked ALL THE TIME!

I’ve been there, I’ve done the research and I have taken on board all the info and I have created Get Started! based around 20 plus years of learning and listening!

I’m NOT someone pretending to understand what it takes to be a health and wellness business owner, I AM ONE and I have been a really successful one for a really long time! I have made many mistakes that have cost me time and money and I want to save YOU from making these mistakes!

By the end of the Get Started! Program you will be able to:

  • Create a plan and a vision for your business and the bigger picture of your life plans
  • Create a business model for your business and life design. One that works for you and your family/goals/plans
  • Grow a winning mindset around money and be able to charge your worth with confidence.
  • Build a business where you are confident and healthy, not burnt out and exhausted.
  • Learn how to deal with those tricky clients.
  • Have complete clarity on who are the people you need to market your business to! Yes this is knowing who your ideal and perfect dream clients are and knowing this underpins just about EVERTHING in your business and yet is so often the forgotten missing link!
  • Stop marketing and advertising your business everywhere and instead create a winning marketing plan for your business online and offline as well as creating adverts that will actually convert to paying customers!
  • Learn how to use your social media in a way that actually works for you, not exhausts and frustrates you!
  • Create irresistible treatment packages that your clients want to grab! No more boring treatment lists, actual bespoke offerings that are specifically for your dream clients.
  • Create a diary where you have complete balance between working ON your business and working IN your business! Think pro time management skills!
  • Stop trading time for money and hitting income ceilings JUST but doing 1-1 work. Actually explore how you can take all you know and create additional income streams!
  • Create a 12 month business strategy so that you know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to hit those income goals!


covering EVERYTHING you need to become a confident, savvy, strategic, impactful and profitable health and wellness business owner!

PLUS *3 Bonus Modules*

Creating a winning business mindset

because all the strategy in the world is worth jack if your head is not in the right place!


Business by design

Design the framework of your business, one that works for YOU



Nail your ideal client/target audience

(this is one of the biggest topics that gets missed out and yet it is CRUCIAL to your entire business marketing success)

Services that Sell!

Creating services, products, packages or offerings that your customers want to grab hold of!



Pricing and Money Mindset

Another area that many struggle with! Let’s get you pricing your worth and owning it!



Marketing Your Business 101!

Market your business OFFLINE & ONLINE, introduction to sales funnels and lead magnets and writing adverts that convert This module is broken into 3 parts as well quite frankly its HUGE! I give you EVERYTHING! 

The Confident Business Owner

Keep your customers coming back, retention and dealing with the tricky customer! Also therapist mindset, so imposter syndrome, confidence etc.


Time Management Like A Pro

Making sure you can effortlessly work ON your business as well as IN your business!



Creating Multiple Income Streams

Why you MUST create multiple streams of income and a ton of ideas of how you can create them, passive or semi passive!


Your 12 Month Business Strategy

I'll take you through a full training on how to create a 12 month business strategy so that you know exactly what you need to do and when, in order to hit your business goals!


If you are right at the beginning of your business journey, then these business basics are for you


Where will you work? Exploring the pro’s and cons of all the different ways/places to run your health and wellness business


It’s the dull stuff but the important stuff! Making sure you have all the legal requirements in place, plus managing your accounts. GDPR, professional associations and more!


Helping you with the day to day running of your business, so diary management, taking bookings, what’s in a name!


One Payment. Instant Access!


For the FULL game changing business program that is


The Business Of Health, Wellness and Fitness Made Simple

10 Full Module  +3 Bonus Module

12 Months Access  To The Program

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This Stuff Is My Jam!

I have been an international business mentor and speak in the health, wellness and fitness industry for a good few years now and I have certainly earnt my stripes! 

I first started in health and wellness 22 years ago having left a soul destroying and frankly dull as shit corporate finance career.

I wanted so badly to help people live better and more fulfilling lives but I wanted to do it MY WAY and in a way that felt true, right and authentic.

Starting my own business was terrifying, yet liberating but being complete honest with you, I didn’t have a friggin’ clue what I was doing!

For more years than I care to remember I adopted the ‘winging it’ method of running a business and whilst it worked a bit, the perfectionist in me was frustrated that my business was growing as fast as I wanted and that I seemed to be busting my arse trying to drum up new clients, but my hard work wasn’t converting in equal measures!

It was when I became a single mum in 2011 that I realised that I needed to up my game and actually learn this stuff and stop bloody winging it!

I started investing in training and prioritised growing my business because I needed it to support my child. The more I learnt the more I wanted to learn and the more my passion for business grew and the more my own business grew!

As time went on, I would speak to other health and wellness pro’s and recognise those patterns of ‘winging it’ in them too! I would see passionate, dedicated and competent people not reaching their full potential, not helping as many people as they wanted to and not earning the income they should be because they just didn’t have the knowledge to grow their business and build it on strong foundations with a strategy and a plan.

I made the decision that I wanted to change this for as many people as possible and so in 2019 I launched my free Facebook group The Chrysalis Cafe (previously called The Profitable Couch), a community for health and wellness professionals to be supported as they started or grew their businesses, where I could share my knowledge, tips and advice.

Fast forward to 2022 and the group is a thriving community!

I first started in health and wellness in 1999 having left a soul destroying and frankly dull as shit corporate finance career.

I wanted so badly to help people live better and more fulfilling lives but I wanted to do it MY WAY and in a way that felt true, right and authentic.

Starting my own business was terrifying, yet liberating but being complete honest with you, I didn’t have a friggin’ clue what I was doing!

For more years than I care to remember I adopted the ‘winging it’ method of running a business and whilst it worked a bit, the perfectionist in me was frustrated that my business was growing as fast as I wanted and that I seemed to be busting my arse trying to drum up new clients, but my hard work wasn’t converting in equal measures!

There is also now The Chrysalis VIP Business Club for female health and wellness business owners, a top 1% global podcast called The Chrysalis Conversations and an Amazon #1 Best Selling Content Planner and Yearly Planner.

I GET the challenges that you face, because I have been there!

I GET the fears, the worries and the anxiety, because I have been there!

I GET the overwhelm, the frustration and the exasperation, because I have felt them too!

But I also KNOW just how much stronger, more confident and savvy you CAN become when you are in the right place, being taught the right stuff with someone who understands your journey, your vision and your goals.

I have been so privileged to have worked in our industry for over 20 years and I would love with all my heart to be able to support you as you start or grow your business so that you can be rocking it out still in 20 plus years too!

I Need A Bit Of Nikki Knowledge In My World! I Am Ready To Get Started!

Get Started! IS for you if:

✔️ You are just starting out in your health and wellness business owner journey and are feeling a little overwhelmed with all you need to do, know and learn.

✔️ You know that your ‘running a business’ knowledge is limited and you want to ensure your business is strong and build on solid foundations for the long term.

✔️ The words worry, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, exasperation, fear, lack of confidence, winging it, have no idea what I am doing…… are words/sentences in your vocabulary if I asked you how you felt about running your own business.

✔️ You have been doing your best for a while now, but you KNOW that you want to do things better, you want to build something better and you are ready to start making positive changes for you, your business and your family.

✔️ Your business is not generating you the income you want it to.

✔️ Your business is not impacting the volume of people you want it to.

✔️ Your business is not flowing in a way that lifts you, there is a disconnect somewhere and you are not sure where that is.

✔️ Want to be in this industry for the long term and truly feel passionate about making an impact in the world and changing peoples lives.

✔️ Want to feel like a confident business owner who has an effective plan, and a strategy for running their business.

✔️ You want to see regular bookings in your diary, you want to see those clients coming back, you want to feel excited about going to work and you are equally open to looking at lots of different ways to help your clients!

✔️ Are willing to be open to possibility, do the work, learn and above all have fun!

Get Started! IS NOT for you if:

❌ Your diary is rammed and you are already running a successful and profitable business.

❌ You are not needing your business to grow and are happy with exactly how it is going.

❌ Your business is meeting all your expectations and your income goals.

❌ You are not focused right now on starting/growing a profitable and impactful health and wellness business.

Get Started IS for me! Count Me In!


Member Testimonials

Karen Williams – Karen Williams Therapy 


I wish I had this when I started out 5 years ago. The content is perfect for any new startup or for those of us that have lost our way. It will give you what you need and more providing you stop procrastinating and take action on each module. Nikki's style and delivery is very engaging and real which made the modules very easy to listen to and work on. Her passion and desire for others to succeed shines through. I shall keep revisiting this course until I've nailed it and I'm a natural at it. Thanks Nikki for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, I'm very grateful. Karen


C.C Complimentary Therapies


This course has given me a real confidence boost when considering the business side of being a self employed therapist. The content is suitable for new starters and those, like myself, who have already been 'winging it' for years but know there are knowledge gaps which are causing lack of confidence. I now feel like I am up to date with how to handle identifying my ideal client, marketing (which has changed so much since my training 7+ years ago). I feel that this course has shown me how to work smarter in my business, so that I can enjoy working with clients I enjoy working with.



Paulyne Doyle – Pure Body Rebalance


If you’re just starting a business or thinking about it I would strongly recommend the Get Started Program I had been running my therapy business for a year but learnt so much from this course about planning ahead to meet my goals








Gemma Durrant – Essentially You Holistic Therapies


Warning! This course contains confidence building and may just make you believe in yourself. I am in the early stages of my business only 3.5 years in (which sounds a lot) I kind of thought I had a grip on the basics but I hadn't. The bonus modules aimed at beginners is not just valuable for beginners, there are little gems in there that you may be missing. These little gems have really helped me to feel confident in the foundations of my business. As for the rest of the course; everything is simply broken down and as you work through the course it becomes clear that there are key elements which are vital to your business growth. These key elements are referred to continually to help you understand how valuable they are and how fundamental it is to have them in place. Ideal client - this has eluded me for years. I had no idea the impact of knowing and understanding who this is can have. Nikki guides you to pin down that person, social media content has flowed so much easier since realising who this is. The incredible suggestions for marketing strategies, things I hadn't considered before, there is so much more than social media out there. This course has encouraged me to value my own worth, I feel much more confident in what I offer, thanks to Nikki and her guidance and encouragement. Intentional or not this course is a clever mix of business strategy, mindset and life coaching. It makes you confront your doubts and fears, write them down, realising your limitations and how to work past them...I cannot rate this course enough I have come away buzzing with ideas for packaging and content and for the first time since I set up my lil biz, I am excited to see what lies ahead instead of feeling fearful of rejection. Thank you so much Nikki.


In summary, i have been a health and wellness business owner for 20 years and i have supported other health and wellness business owner for around 5 years.

Get started! is the culmination of all my experience, cookups and learning over 20+ years along with the 100's of practitioners who i have had the priviledge of working with and supporting. I have listened to what the biggest challenge and knowledge gaps are, and made Get started! the program that fill those gaps and help you navigate all those challenges.

Its why those who have been through the program all unanimously gave it 5 star

I'm Done Winging It Nikki, I'm Ready To Learn This Stuff!