When my chins helped me banish my monkey!

This week I have been focused on my chins! Yep the plural version!!

I have been doing a LOT of filming again for some work that I am putting together and so it has involved me seeing myself a lot as I do my filming!

I’m only using my phone for this as these days they are pretty good, so nothing flash, but it means in ‘selfie’ mode I get to look at my own mug all the way through!

I have also delivered a few zoom sessions this week and of course my FB Live TEN MIN BIZ TIPS in The Profitable Couch and yet again I have had to look at my own face again!

And this week in particular, it has bought up some of my own insecurities! The ‘monkey’ has been very busy this week chatting in my ear!

The monkey and I have had a lot of conflicts this week!

So who is this monkey?

This monkey is my nemesis! He likes to sit on my shoulder and remind me of my flaws and this week ALL he seems to have talked about is my bloody chins!

I have struggled with my weight all my life! It has been a constant for me! Sometimes through emotional eating and sometimes for health reasons, but whatever the source, my weight has gone up and down like a yo-yo!

When the weight numbers are lower, the monkey doesn’t mention my chins, but when my weight is higher, the monkey is like a chin tormentor!

All the monkey has been telling me this week is that I have gained another chin and every time I have had to look at myself on the camera, the monkey has been whispering ‘look, look……there is that new chin!’  or ‘no one is listening to what you have to say, they are just looking at your chins’

Mean monkey!!

Why am I telling you all about my monkey and my chins??

Because we all have a monkey who likes to give us shit at times! They like to make us feel inadequate and they like to torment us! Sometimes they go quiet and sometimes they are like the Duracell bunny!  They like to stop us from growing buy making us feel

However, in amongst the chatter, we need to remember that we have a choice! We have a choice to listen to our monkey and stay playing it safe or we have a choice to stick duck tape over the monkeys mouth!

I have spent the week using the duck tape! Why?

Because a few years back when I learnt about what my monkey was up to, I made a decision to learn to live with my monkey BUT to not allow it to hinder my growth, no matter how uncomfortable it made me feel at times!

I felt so strongly that I wanted to help health and wellness business owners become confident business owners that I KNEW if I kept listening to that bloody monkey I would stay small, and invisible and I would never be able to impact and help as many people as I wanted to!

I wanted to be able to say I had helped THOUSANDS of business owners and I knew that if I let the monkey win, I would never be able to achieve that!


I made the choice to put the people I wanted to help

a higher priority than my fear of being judged.


 So now I will do my lives, and I will do my trainings! I will talk on stages and I will share my knowledge because THIS is what matters!


It makes no difference whether I have one chin or three! What is important is that I can impact people with my skills, my knowledge and my experience. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

So I want to ask you this:

  1. Are you being ruled by your monkey? Are you putting off doing things in your business or getting more visible because you are worried about being judged?
  2. Through the business you have started, or you want to grow, are you wanting to help as many people as possible overcome challenges and hurdles so that they can be the best version of themselves?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then please do me a huge favour and learn to make friends with your monkey! Acknowledge them for the royal pain in the arses that they are, but that you are not going to listen to them, no matter how loud they shout, because your desire to help others is stronger!

Get yourself visible, start showing up more, press that live button, write that book, record those videos, submit that article, launch that training, guest interview on that podcast, stand on that stage, jump out of that plane, run that marathon, start doing burlesque…….whatever that monkey is holding you back from doing, grab that duct tape and get yourself out there!

Stop playing small.

Start playing big.

Start increasing that impact.

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