The words you use make all the difference!

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I never realised the power of words when I first started out as a therapist. In fact I never really gave it much thought and just waffled away on my leaflets in some general fashion making in a way I thought would get the phone ringing! I remember my first ever leaflet.

I created it on Word which at the time was THE platform to use…..yes I am old! I chose a pretty flower on the front of white lily of the valley, no particular reason, I just liked it when I search the available clip art that you could choose on Word! Then I put my name and Massage Therapist. Inside I wrote some boring old words and gave my prices.

At the time I thought my flyers were the dogs bollocks, I was genuinely so bloody proud of them, I got loads printed and went on a mission to put them everywhere. All of that hard work converted into very little business!

As time has gone on, and over the last 20 years as a therapist, I have realised just how powerful words can be! Using the right or wrong words can make or break your business!

This week I have been having lots of conversations around copy with the therapists I coach. Often they say they don’t know what to write in their FB posts, their emails, their newsletters. So instead they just waffle some stuff that no one reads or they just don’t write anything at all!

Now I’m not saying that we all need to be amazing copywriters, I am certainly not one of those and if in times of need, I will actually pay a copywriter help me with something important, BUT I am a lot more mindful about the words I use when marketing my business, way more than I used to be!

I don’t get it right all the time, I am always still learning, but my words make more sense, they create more interest and people read them!

As a therapist my dream patients have always been horse riders, my background has always been horses, we instantly therefore have a connection!

So my dream therapy business has always been one where lots of my patients were horse riders and then over time, their horses became my patients too!

But if I was writing a post to attract more horse riders into my clinic would this sound enticing:

  • Sore back? Come and see me! (this is a post I see a lot!)

Yes it might bring in the odd person, but its not speaking directly to the people I want to bring in! How about this:

  • Is your sore back affecting the way you ride? Is your horse not performing as well as it usually does because you know you are not sitting balanced in the saddle? Worried your dressage scores are going to go down?

Tailoring your copy to actually speak the language of the people you want to help instantly shows them that you understand their issues and how it affects them, their horse, their riding and if applicable their competing!

You are the best person to see them as you get them!

Next week, over in my FB Community The Profitable Couch, we have Sam Johnson, an amazing copywriter coming in to deliver our Guest Expert Monthly Training for November! Now he is a pro, so I too am looking forward to learning even more from him!

Are you really making the best use of words in all your marketing?



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