The 5 Reasons I Built My Positive Slogan T-Shirt and Tote Bag Shop


So a month ago I launched my first proper online shop!  It's called Phenix Tees and Totes I love it and I am really proud of it!

It was a little passion project and now it's all live and people are buying from it, I am completely made up!

But a few people have asked me why I did it and to be honest there are a few reasons, not just one, so I figured I would write a blog post on it!


I love positive slogans and quotes and I like wearing them on t-shirts, but every time I tried to find a t-shirt that would reflect what I wanted to say, I just couldn't find one.  And if by chance I did, it was all fancy and I just didn't want anything to fluffy and fancy.  I like things to be really simple and bold.  

So I decided if what I wanted wasn't available then I would create my own! My favourite quotes and slogans designed in the simple way I wanted them, so that I had access to them for myself first and then if anyone else was also out there looking for similar slogan t-shirts then they would have a place to get them too!

I love the idea that you can send a message out into the world via a simple t-shirt and just perhaps that day a person reading the message on your tee or tote really needed to hear that.

It was a way that you could simply create a ripple effect through a simple piece of cotton!

So for a long time I have fancied having a positive slogan t-shirt online shop and finally I kicked myself up the arse to make it happen!

The totes bit was actually an after thought! I saw that my suppliers also could do the same on tote bags and I thought they looked really cool too so I just decided to add totes to the shop too as we love totes and it was another way to spread some positivity out into the world.


I wanted to have more of my own products. I have had my planners and other bits on on Amazon for a couple of years now and love having products as well as services and I wanted to have more products that reflected my brand and my message.

For a long time I wanted to have the t-shirt store, but I was very clear to myself that it needed to be a product that met ethical and planet friendly values. 

I was very lucky that the award company that makes the slogan t-shirts and tote bags comes from my home area and even my niece works there.  They have a great global reputation for ethical practice and sustainability and when I checked them out I loved how they worked and so it was great that I could partner with a company that was local to me to deliver organic cotton products that support all my values.

I wanted people to wear my slogan t-shirts or use the tote bags and know that they had supported local communities who derive their income from organic cotton, that there was no plastic involved in the whole journey and that even the factory that made the shirt was powered by renewable energy.


I have always been passionate about creating multiple income streams and not having all your income eggs in one basket.  This became even more important when a few years back I had a back injury that put me out of work for a year and at the time my entire income relied on me being present 1-1 in a treatment room.  As the main earner at that time, we nearly lost our home and it was a very dark time. I never want to be in that position again and so ever since then I have explored multiple income streams.  They say the average millionaire has 7 streams of income! I'm no millionaire but i'll happily still learn from them and if it's good for them then it's good for me too! 


I didn't know that this was even a thing until a couple of years ago and then once I did I realised that I am not as odd as I first thought! You see the thing is, is that I am interested in so many things! I can't just have my fingers in one pie, I have to have them in several otherwise I just get bored! 

I am really interested in learning new things, like all the time and so I was interested in what having a t-shirt store would involved. I wanted to learn something new and I wanted a new challenge!

It's just the way I roll!


So I regularly tell my clients to look at ways to leverage their time better and to create multiple income streams. When I launched my first product on Amazon it inspired many in my audience to have a go too! 

So by doing the shop, I get to test it out first and see how it goes and learn (and boy and I learning!!) and then I can share my learnings with my audience incase they might fancy having an online shop of their own too!

So these were my main drivers behind the launch of Phenix Tees and Totes, my shop full of organic, ethically and sustainably sourced and made slogan t-shirts and tote bags!

I am absolutely thrilled with the end result and I am loving seeing people buying them for the whole family!

We are currently in Bulgaria at the moment and waiting for our own shipment to arrive so we too can get spreading a bit of positivity an motivation out into the world too! 

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