Are you focusing on the BS?

So I have seen lately that the word impact appears to be the latest buzz word, a while ago it seemed that everyone was jumping on the ‘integrity’ band wagon but that seems to now be old news.

I find it really funny that a word can on it’s own become trendy but that’s the quirkiness of the online space so this trend is here to stay!

I wonder what word will come after impact?

The thing is though that for us, impact is not a temporary buzz word, it IS actually one of the crucial reasons we do the work we do.

We want to positively impact a persons life.

We want to be able to take them from the place where they currently are which is not fulfilling them to a place where there is hope and possibility.

Where their life is as close to their potential as possible.

To be able to do this to a fellow human/humans is so powerful. What a gift each of us has to do this!

And yet sometimes when I am working with clients, it’s the word ego that actually shows up way stronger than impact.

And when I say ego, I don’t me the inflated ego, I mean the mind monkey ego.

The one who tells you that you are not good enough.

The one who tells you, you can’t possibly charge that much for your incredible life changing services.

The one who holds you back from playing bigger and just wants to keep you safe and small.

The one who often my clients are listening to the most.

The one who doesn’t talk fact, but likes to talk a whole lot of fiction and BS.

Yep, that little bugger who at times just seems to talk so loudly that it feels impossible to mute it!

Ego is the nemesis of impact.

And whilst at times it can seems that you have no control over ego, I want to remind you that you have absolute control over this little monkey.

Because what you DO have control over is your focus.

You have complete control and choice over where to focus your attention.

So cool huh!!

Let me take you back to the time you decided to do your training in whatever health, wellness or fitness field you chose.

You had a desire to want to help people.

It may be that you had experienced your own health or fitness journey, or someone close to you did. It may be that you just became so interested in this area that you just knew inside you that this was the path you were meant to be on.

There was an innate desire to learn this stuff.

Nobody invests considerable time or money into learning health, wellness or fitness modalities just for the sheer hell of it!

A part of you wanted to learn how to help another person and you were drawn to being THAT person!

The person who IMPACTS people!

The person who helps people become the best version of themselves!

And now here you are, all qualified, running your business but you’re hiding.

You’re hiding because that bloody ego monkey is sat on your shoulder chirping a whole load of BS into your ears.

You aren’t impacting as many people as you want to.

You aren’t earing the money that you are capable of.


Because perhaps you are choosing to hand your power and your focus over to the ego monkey and it’s having a field day with you!

But what if you made a CHOICE to change where you focused your attention?

What if today you chose to focus your attention on the people who need your help?

What if today you chose to focus your attention on the impact you could be having not on your ego monkey?

What if today you stopped listening to the ego BS and actually focused on what was factually true?

What if today you focused on impact and remined your self of the facts: that you do know your stuff, that you do have gifts, skills, experience, services that can dramatically change a persons life and their future ,and you can charge well for that service, and that you are amazing?


Now the fun could really begin!

You see the thing is that the ego monkey will never bugger off, it is here to stay and trying to get rid of it is a fruitless exercise.

But it can be muted!

The volume can be turned down!

Just by choosing to focus your attention on those you want to help and who need YOUR skills and services so that they can live their best life automatically turns that volume down.

But it takes practice!

Because once you start to shift that attention back to the ego, the ego volume will go up again.

But you know the saying ‘practice makes perfect’!

So I want to ask you this:

Where are you CHOOSING to focus your attention right now?

Are you choosing EGO or IMPACT?

If it’s ego, your journey ahead will be full of limitations, restrictions, fears and potentially regret.

If it’s impact your journey ahead will be full of possibilities, hope, limitless opportunities and joy.

If it’s ego, your ability to help people in need will be stilted and limited.

If it’s impact, your ability to help people knows no boundaries.

So today, I ask you to think carefully about where you are choosing to focus your attention and to choose wisely.

You are on this earth for a limited time.

Your window of opportunity to truly live the impactful life that you envisioned when you embarked on those studies has a shelf life.

Yes, focusing on impact over ego may at times be a bit scary, and might take you out of your comfort zone.

But I can assure you that it’s worth every bit of those nervous moments!

Because on that sometimes scary journey is the potential for all you ever dreamed of.

And it’s a way better, more fulfilling journey that having to look back on a journey filled with regret.

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