Is it time to build your own table?

So today I wanted to share with you an little thing that's happened this week that is a great example of taking action, thinking a little outside of the box and making things happen!
Because what happened this week can be applied to your business and your life so easily, and is something I have done a lot!
There is a saying around building your own table, and it can be interpreted in so many different ways.
For me this week I have used this saying to build our own table and I wanted to share it with you.....
So as you will know we have been travelling since Sept 2021 as part of our own personal journey and life that we wanted to create for ourselves.
We have visited 21 countries and have fully immersed ourselves into the worldschooling community.
One of the areas we have had to really focus on when choosing locations is that our kids can have regular social interaction and do activities, and this has at times been a challenge.
This is one of the reasons we are launching the Global Trailblazing online youth club, but that is not the purpose of my post.
We came to Turkey, and specifically to Fethiye, because through the world schooling communities/fb groups I had seen that there was a thriving community here of families, play dates and worldschoolers that met up regularly.
And so we came and for the last 3 months it's been wonderful.
New friendships made both for Ian and I, and for the kids that will last a lifetime.
We wrap up in Turkey next week as our visa expires and will now head to base ourselves in Albania from the 19th Feb to the end of April.
So I began my usual 'pre arrival research' joining all the local and expat groups to find out where we should base ourselves and what the family/community side was like.
We have chosen to base ourselves in Sarande so we can be close to Greece, but I could see that there we no family or parent fb groups in Sarande for me to meet new families or arrange social stuff for the kids.
There was no table.
So I decided to build my own table.
2 days ago I opened a new FB group called Families in Sarande specifically for families in the area to connect, arrange meet ups and play dates and share family/kids events that may be happening.
I have never even been to Albania, let along Sarande, but when I saw the table wasn't built I knew I needed to build my own, and to begin laying the foundations for when we arrive.
As I write this, we have 27 members with join requests coming in regularly ! All families that are either living in or visiting Sarande.
On Tuesday I had zero families and now by Friday I have 27 families that I can connect with and so can my kids.
I am now the admin of a FB group based in a country I have never even been too 🤣
And I am made up!
Because this is just the start and I am now really looking forward to our new base, knowing we have people to connect with from Day 1
The moral of this story whether this is for your business or your life: 
  • Don't wait for things to come to you.
  • Don't wait to be offered a seat at someone elses table.
  • If a table doesn't exist build one!
  • Go build your own table in your own fabulously unique way and watch the magic happen!

‘If there isn’t a table available, or one you want to sit at, then build one, in your own fabulously unique way‘ 



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